Eat our own dog food.

Branch Office Solutions uses the same products that we sell -- we 'eat our own dog food.' Our offices rely on Kyocera and Muratec devices for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. Our employees use the same software as our customers -- specifically, SentryFile for document imaging, because we believe in the product, it helps us to better serve our customers, and it saves us from having to buy filing cabinets.

The Bottom Line: we have full confidence in the solutions we offer, and the experience in implementing them in our own organization. This firsthand know-how is critical to our success in designing the right solutions for your office.

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ScanTag Muratec Hardware-Based Solution

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ScanTag is a document indexing technology built into specific Muratec devices. This technology enables Branch Office Solutions to work with you to create indexes for our documents, and then use those indexes when scanning a document at the Muratec device. This form of distributed scanning enables you to put the responsibility for indexing with the person who has the most knowledge about the document, the knowledge worker.

Indexing using ScanTag will not only help to automate the process of indexing your files, but will ensure that whatever business process you design around the scanning function is followed according to your requirements. Each index, which you create using a simple browser-based utility from your desktop, can be a required field. This means that in order to scan, the user must enter the data as you specify, ensuring that the information you want to gather is provided.

ScanTag and Branch Office Solutions combined offer you great flexibility to automate indexing of your documents. If you add SentryFile to this solution, the opportunity to better manage the information flow through your office is unlimited. You can index, scan, and store each document in seconds, from any location where a Muratec device from Branch Office Solutions device is installed.

Please download the brochure to learn more about ScanTag.

Note: ScanTag is available on the following devices: MFX-2550, MFX-2570, MFX-2590, F-525D, F-565, MFX-1450D, MFX-2050