Eat our own dog food.

Branch Office Solutions uses the same products that we sell -- we 'eat our own dog food.' Our offices rely on Kyocera and Muratec devices for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. Our employees use the same software as our customers -- specifically, SentryFile for document imaging, because we believe in the product, it helps us to better serve our customers, and it saves us from having to buy filing cabinets.

The Bottom Line: we have full confidence in the solutions we offer, and the experience in implementing them in our own organization. This firsthand know-how is critical to our success in designing the right solutions for your office.


ScanDocs Device-Independent Software Solution powered by Muratec

One of the most difficult tasks in storing scanned documents is finding them at a later date. You can use folders to divide them, or invest in document imaging software like SentryFile. However, in some cases neither of these solutions will work. In the case of storing in various folders, it is harder to manage and locate files, and with SentryFile, your needs might not require that level of sophistication. ScanDocs fills this gap with a cost-effective, innovative solution that OCR’s and indexes (with full-text search) any document you scan.

The software installs in minutes on virtually any PC or server. From that point, you simple scan to folder and then search! It is easy to use and does not require any maintenance. Most importantly, it can work on any scan from any device. This means that you are not tied to a specific model or manufacturer. Additionally, it can grow as your needs change to include tighter integration with a Muratec device, management of email communications, and a variety of other document imaging features.

Another added benefit of ScanDocs is that it can be licensed for multiple users, meaning your entire office can search the same set of documents. This will help to reduce the ‘data islands’ of scanned documents stored on someone’s PC. It can also result in greater security, and reduce costs for backup or disaster recovery procedures.

Branch Office Solutions recommends software like ScanDocs because, like the majority of our other solutions, it is not dependent on a specific manufacturer, it is cost-effective, and it makes your office more efficient quickly and with little or no learning curve.

For more information download a ScanDocs product specifications or contact a Branch Office Solutions Technology Consultant at 800-743-1047.