Eat our own dog food.

Branch Office Solutions uses the same products that we sell -- we 'eat our own dog food.' Our offices rely on Kyocera and Muratec devices for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. Our employees use the same software as our customers -- specifically, SentryFile for document imaging, because we believe in the product, it helps us to better serve our customers, and it saves us from having to buy filing cabinets.

The Bottom Line: we have full confidence in the solutions we offer, and the experience in implementing them in our own organization. This firsthand know-how is critical to our success in designing the right solutions for your office.


Kyocera Kyocera Hardware-Based Solution

As many organizations have transitioned to modern server-based technology, such as Windows or Linux, to operate their back office systems, there are still many legacy applications running on mainframe systems. These programs run well, are very stable, and often operate at a high ROI. Despite the positive elements of these applications, they often require print output to be sent to pinfed or dotmatrix printers. These devices are reliable, but very expensive to operate.

In addition to the printers being so expensive to operate, the preprinted forms are very costly to print and manage. From print costs to the labor-intensive bursting process, preprinted forms are expensive. Another aspect of these forms is that if the form changes, or the terms and conditions on the back of the form are modified, the form becomes obsolete. This causes them to be even more expensive as you must throw the forms away and purchase new ones. The same is true about changes in the design or logo on the form.

Prescribe addresses these issues by creating an electronic form on the device. The electronic form is intelligent, and can act on the data stream coming from the mainframe system. The result is output that is more flexible, less costly, and of greater quality than a preprinted, carbonless forms. Using Prescribe, you can pull paper from various paper trays, print multiple copies of the same form, add barcodes for later document indexing, or add full-color logos. These Prescribe Forms can also be used to store digital signatures for applications where an individual's signature is required. As Prescribe can be held on a flash memory card, it can be removed from the device and stored in a secure area to prevent anyone from having access to the signature.

Using Prescribe requires nothing more than a Kyocera document output device, and a form programmed according to your specifications by Branch Office Solutions.