Eat our own dog food.

Branch Office Solutions uses the same products that we sell -- we 'eat our own dog food.' Our offices rely on Kyocera and Muratec devices for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. Our employees use the same software as our customers -- specifically, SentryFile for document imaging, because we believe in the product, it helps us to better serve our customers, and it saves us from having to buy filing cabinets.

The Bottom Line: we have full confidence in the solutions we offer, and the experience in implementing them in our own organization. This firsthand know-how is critical to our success in designing the right solutions for your office.

Software Solutions

  • Muratec Hardware-Based Solution


ScanTag is a Muratec-based solution to enable indexing and routing of documents right from your multifunctional device. This solution wraps each scan in an XML or CSV envelope, allowing document imaging systems to read the index and route the document automatically.

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  • Solutions-Based Document Imaging System


SentryFile is one of the leading document imaging systems in the industry, providing cost-effective indexing and storage of documents. The system uses non-proprietary, standards-based methods for storing your documents. It is also unique in that you only purchase server licenses, and can have unlimited user accounts.

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  • Kyocera Hardware-Based Solution


Do you have an AS/400 or other mainframe system where you need to print variable data onto pre-printed or multipart forms? Using Prescribe, you can eliminate these forms at a fraction of the cost of form-overlay software. Prescribe technology can create a complete form solution and eliminate pre-printed forms as well as add bar-coding, filter data, and make the form content more flexible to change.

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  • Muratec and Kyocera Hardware-Based Solution

Fax Routing

Fax Routing is an excellent way to reduce the waste and cost of incoming faxes, and to enhance the service you provide to your customers. What fax routing does is to redirect incoming faxes from the printer to an email address or network folder. This saves them from being printed, increases the security of these documents, and can be used to automatically insert them into a document imaging system.

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  • Device-Independent Software Solution powered by Muratec


One of the most difficult tasks in storing scanned documents is finding them at a later date. You can use folders to divide them, or invest in document imaging software like SentryFile. However, in some cases neither of these solutions will work. In the case of storing in various folders, it is harder to manage and locate files, and with SentryFile, your needs might not require that level of sophistication. ScanDocs fills this gap with a cost-effective, innovative solution that OCR’s and indexes (with full-text search) any document you scan.

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