Eat our own dog food.

Branch Office Solutions uses the same products that we sell -- we 'eat our own dog food.' Our offices rely on Kyocera and Muratec devices for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. Our employees use the same software as our customers -- specifically, SentryFile for document imaging, because we believe in the product, it helps us to better serve our customers, and it saves us from having to buy filing cabinets.

The Bottom Line: we have full confidence in the solutions we offer, and the experience in implementing them in our own organization. This firsthand know-how is critical to our success in designing the right solutions for your office.

Fax Routing

Branch Office Solutions, Inc. Muratec, OKI, Copystar, and Kyocera Hardware-Based Solution

At one time, fax communication was the most effective and quick way to communicate in business. Unlike telex, you could use fax to send real documents, have true confirmation of a signature, or simply have a visual representation of what you wanted to communicate.

Now, with the Internet, email, and scanning technology, fax communication has gone down significantly in many industries. Despite this decline however, there are still many areas where fax communication is the norm. These organizations either haven't embraced scanning yet, don't see the need to change, or have such high-volume of faxes that they do not see any reduction at all in the near term.

Using a Muratec or Kyocera multifunctional device, you can still support these organizations through enhanced fax routing. In fact, you can serve these customers better as you can direct faxes to the appropriate party via email rather than having the document sit on the fax machine waiting to be retrieved. Routing can take many forms, but in its easiest implementation you simply have all incoming faxes sent to a group email account (like Then, you assign several people to be responsible for distributing incoming faxes (by forwarding via email) to the intended recipient.

More advanced implementations can key off of the incoming fax caller ID. Using caller ID you can identify who is sending the fax, and then forward it to the appropriate user. A good example of where this could be effective is in a customer service department, where all accounts for a specific area code are assigned to one customer service representative. Using this area code, any incoming fax can be routed to the customer service associate without manual intervention.

Still another way in which you can use fax routing is to have the documents automatically sent to your document imaging system (like SentryFile). Utilizing fax routing in this manner completes the entire circle of a document lifecycle, ensuring that all communication is visible throughout the organization. Through Branch Office Solutions, the expertise and experience to implement this type of solution is cost-effective and reliable.