Equipment Demo Room

If you have worked with Branch Office Solutions in the past, you know that a major part of our business is providing service and sales of printers, copiers, fax, and scanners to business throughout the region. We offer excellent products at very competitive prices.

One way in which we keep costs low is that our print shop is also a working demonstration room. Virtually all of the equipment in our print shop is available for your use in your office. This not only helps to reduce costs, but provides you a working example of how the equipment will perform in a production environment.

Another benefit of our innovative print shop is that it gives us true, hands-on experience working with the equipment we sell and service. From our Technology Consultants to our Technicians, we all have the opportunity to use the same equipment we install in your office. The result is better training, service, and support for you and your staff. Please contact us to learn more about our complete line of copiers, fax, and document imaging equipment.

Conference and Training Room

Conference and Training Room Use our state-of-the-art conference and training room for your meetings. Sponsored by OKI Printing Solutions

At Branch Office Solutions we understand that important meetings are successful when the atmosphere is professional, comfortable, and functional. This is why our conference and training room is designed to offer you flexible table configurations, seating up to 12 people, and many of the tools you would find in any modern office facility. The result is that the OKI Printing Solutions Conference and Training Room will help your meetings to be more productive and successful, without the hassle or expensive cost.

Room Amenities

  • Presentation Ready with flat-screen monitor
  • Complimentary High Bandwidth Internet Access
  • Comfortable seating up to 12 with various table configurations, such as Lecture, Panel Interview, U-Shaped Training, or generic Conference
  • Coffee and Catering Menu available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner meetings
  • Clean and accessible restrooms, water fountains, and ample parking for meeting attendees
  • Flexible rental time periods - rent the conference room for a 1 hour meeting or a full day seminar
  • In room OKI Laser Printer available for printing meeting notes or action items

The OKI Printing Solutions Conference and Training Room has all the tools you need to create a successful meeting in a professional, clean, and functional environment. Call or email us today for rates and rental times.