Technology That Supports You

As more business functions are being automated, redesigned, and eliminated, the support you demand from your document imaging company is going to increase. You need vendors who support you and the technology you use. Branch Office Solutions understands these growing demands, and has integrated technology into virtually all aspects of our business to meet your needs.

Integrated Data System

Space Shuttle Lift OffWhen the Space Shuttle lifts off there are hundreds of people, often unseen, who work to ensure the safety and success of the mission. They monitor the Shuttle through every stage, ensuring the vehicle is performing its critical functions until the mission is completed with success.

Of course, printers and multifunctional devices aren't as complicated as the Space Shuttle. But Branch Office Solutions uses a similar concept to ensure the health of your output device at every stage. Our proven software combined with our on-site service allows us to monitor your equipment remotely to better support you and your end-users. Our program, entitled Integrated Data System (IDS), enables Branch Office Solutions experts to be notified immediately if your device experiences problems like excessive paper jams or service codes. We then act on these notifications, and the problem is often fixed before you even realize there was one.

Automated Toner Replenishment

Along with remote service notifications, all Branch Office Solutions contracted customers can take advantage of our automated toner replenishment program. We monitor toner levels at your site, and will order toner for you when you are low. This helps to control your inventory costs, reduce emergency orders, and cut the amount of work you need to do to keep your office operating efficiently. Now, instead of having to stock toner for your equipment, and then remember to order it when it is low, Branch Office Solutions will do it for you.

Electronic Meter Reporting & Error-Free Billing

Another aspect of our Integrated Data System (IDS), we can also facilitate electronic collection of the print counts on your equipment. This electronic meter collection system ensures that the invoices we generate for your service are based on true, accurate numbers, and are not subject to data entry errors or other mistakes. The result is that your invoices are based on accurate meters, reported by the equipment on a regular basis.

Automated Meter ReadingsThis reporting not only helps to ensure accurate billing, it also completely eliminates the need for you or your employees to report meter readings on a monthly basis. When you combine this with our automated toner replenishment program, as well as our remote diagnostics, there is no need for you or your employees to call in for service, supplies, or meter readings.