ScanTag & SentryFile

Muratec recently announced that ScanTag Metadata capture integration with SentryFile. This integration equates to more rapid development of document scanning solutions from SentryFile when combined with a Muratec device. It also ensures that capturing data about your scanned documents will be built into the device itself, making it easier for users to route documents for storage and indexing.

To utilize the ScanTag function a system administrator can register several metadata fields on the Muratec MFP using the intuitive browser interface. A user can then walk-up to the device, insert their document into the automatic document feeder and select ScanTag. Users can then enter the required indexing fields, choose the document file format (TIFF or PDF) and select Start. The document will be scanned and converted into the selected file format and the indexing fields will be converted into an XML data file, the format required by SentryFile. Both files are delivered to a network folder, retrieved by SentryFile and indexed.

At Branch Office Solutions, we look for innovative ways to enhance the our offering to you through technology and customer service. This indexing solution from Muratec will make scanning documents easy, quick, and accurate. You can read more about SentryFile and ScanTag, or simply contact our sales department at 1-800-743-1047 x101.

The Company We Keep

Branch Office Solutions is pleased to offer products from global manufacturers, respected for their design, engineering, and technology. In both our hardware and software applications, the vendors we represent say as much about us as the service we provide.

We understand that the marketplace offers you many options in terms of printers or other output devices. The difference then is in the service after the sale. At Branch Office Solutions we selected products from Muratec, OKI, Copystar, MBM, and Kyocera because they are built using long-life high quality components and designs. The products we sell are made to rigorous standards to ensure they operate according to specification, and meet the demands of a productive office. In short, the quality of these products enhances the overall level of service Branch Office Solutions provides to you.

Muratec The reason Branch Office Solutions selected Muratec as a valued partner is that they are very focused on specific segments of document output equipment, and where they fit in the document output device market. For over 25 years, Muratec has been the world leader in providing document output technology, and has been the original equipment manufacturer for many well known companies in the industry. This is experience demonstrates the consistency of their products and the value of their technology, earning Muratec numerous industry awards.

Earth-Friendly Products from Muratec Muratec is also a partner because they share our commitment to reducing the cost and waste associated with print output. Their program for toner recycling and returns is unique for the speed and size of the products they offer, which tend to focus on Segment 2 or lower machines. By recycling your used toner cartridges they are not only helping to reduce waste, but are also sending a positive message about being proactive in protecting the environment.

Muratec America, Inc. is a manufacturer of multifunction digital office equipment and business productivity solutions. The company is a Plano, Texas-based subsidiary of Murata Machinery, Ltd., a privately held multinational corporation based in Kyoto, Japan. You can visit for more information about the company.

OKI Printing Solutions Long recognized for its durable, dot-matrix printers, OKI Printing Solutions ( has extended its expertise in printing through a mix of innovative technology and customer-driven solutions. The result is a full line of network laser printers and multifunctional devices that meet both regular business output as well as high-end production needs.

Creative designs such as banners, printed on an OKI device. One example of the innovation OKI has perfected is the ability to print banners, as pictured in the image to the right. Using the same small-format device that you would print regular business documents, you can also use to print large banners up to 4 feet long. Likewise, advancements such as LED printing technology, have given OKI an edge in quality, reliability, and overall cost against other manufacturers.

OKI Printing Solutions has also partnered with efi ( to develop a high-end, color multifunctional device using efi’s world renowned Fiery print controller. As proof of our commitment to this product, the Branch Office Solutions print shop uses this OKI product as our principal digital press. We put our faith in OKI products in our Print Shop because we recognize that quality, durability, and reliability are the most important aspects of equipment in meeting our Print Shop customer’s needs.

Kyocera Branch Office Solutions is pleased to provide products from Kyocera. Kyocera's standards and equipment match many of the key areas that distinguish Branch Office Solutions from our competitors. Kyocera manufactures products that vary from cutting knives to cell phones, integrated circuits to network laser printers. Yet throughout all their products is a core reliance on ceramic technology (the name Kyocera comes from 'Kyo', as in Kyoto, and 'cera', as in Ceramics). Ceramic technology is very resistant to heat and can be used to extend the life of imaging units within the printers and multifunctional devices they produce.

What this means to you is that Kyocera products are more reliable and have a lower total cost of operation than many other output device in the industry. It also helps to reduce the amount of waste associated with printing, without sacrificing quality or increasing the cost. Kyocera takes this approach one step further by designing their entire product manufacturing and distribution process around the concept of stewardship of the environment. They use recycled materials in their packaging, recycled plastics, and offer toner that is completely biodegradable and non-toxic.

Ecosys from Kyocera Kyocera's focus on environmentally sound development has resulted in a technology called Ecosys. Ecosys is the basis for all Kyocera print technology, combining the words Ecology, Economy, and System. Ecology refers to the impact of prints on the environment, Economy refers to the cost of operation, and System references how printing matches with application software. Branch Office Solutions values this technology as it helps us to keep your costs low, provide reliable output devices, and enhance image quality. For more information about Kyocera visit

Copystar As a sister brand to Kyocera, Copystar offers Branch Office Solutions a full-line of document output devices ranging from smaller desktop units to larger, production multifunctional systems. Like Kyocera, the Copystar devices are built on the concept of using long-life consumables to reduce the cost of printing, and help lower the impact of printing on the environment. Using long-life consumable supplies, like ceramic drums, also means less service calls and more productivity for your office.

As with every device we sell, the Copystar equipment has a wide range of Kyocera and third-party software solutions that provide document imaging, scanning, indexing, and distribution support for you and your users. From basic scanning utilities to full-customized programs using Hypas Technology, the Copystar equipment is an on-ramp for the workflow of documents and information within your organization. Visit to learn more about this dynamic company.

MBM Corporation MBM is unique among the manufacturers Branch Office Solutions represents in that they are not a print or copy device manufacturer. Instead, the focus of MBM is on post-production document processing such as cutting, binding, folding, or stapling. Similarly, MBM offers a variety of products for document security and destruction, such as shredders.

Headquartered in historic Charleston, South Carolina, the MBM Corporation produces world-class Destroyit paper shredders along with Triumph paper cutters and other state-of-the-art finishing equipment for the graphics and printing industries. MBM Corporation’s parent company, IDEAL Krug & Priester of Germany, is the leading manufacturer of paper shredders and small format paper cutters in the world. At MBM, innovative thinking and exhaustive research and development go into every product. Visit to learn more about the innovative ways in which MBM is transforming the document processing market.